S2F Adapter


Firewire 800 to eSATA Adapter


Safety to Facilitate


S2F directly shares power from Firewire port with no any extra power requirement, and connects to all Raidon storage RAID products or other brand storage products which are with eSATA port.

The Tiny Product extends All Your Storage Products


From your only Firewire Mac to connect to Non-FireWire device, S2F provides you a great flexibility to choose a good storage product from Raidon. And also, S2F could not only connect to one Non-FireWire Raidon storage product but one more storage thru a second FireWire 800 port.

With a Clear LED Indicator, S2F Keeps a Good Data Transfer Performance


To use a S2F Adapter, you won’t lose any of that data transfer performance at all. And the LED Indicator gives you its perfect working status.

To Have a S2F Is to Own a Flexible Choice for a Good & Low-cost Raidon Storage Product


To have one S2F Adapter, you can have so many choices at Stardom and Raidon storage products down below for your Mac PC.


(S2F only for RAID mode and a single hard drive in JBOD mode)

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S2F Adapter
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