RAIDON is specialized in direct attached RAID storage design and manufacturing. An Intel Thunderbolt ODM vendor. 


We welcome all OEM, ODM, distribution.




RAIDON Technology Inc :                                                                    Business Goal:


Founded in year 2000                                                                               Data security & Production


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Target Market:                                                                                      Manufacturing Strength:


Small to Medium Enterprises and SOHO users                                        ODM / OEM/ BTO (Build-to-Order) to fit your applications and

                                                                                                                  requirements at both of hardware and firmwares


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RAIDON Independent RAID Chipset


Dedicated hardware provides a reliable protection to stored data and gains an isolated operational control also efficiently shares the loading for the system.

Variety of Interface Combinations


High selectivity of interfaces delivers comprehensive options for achieving satisfaction to the demands.


LCM Monitoring


Real-time operating status at a glance for the instant system control.

Diversified Solutions


Wide range of product alternatives gives higher flexibility for completing desired applications in various industries.

Convert Disadvantage into Advantage


Independent RAID control on 2 of 2.5” HDD with only the size of a 3.5” HDD enables an effective space utilization to maximize the ability for various compact solutions.

Stylish and Unique Quality Look


Exquisite finishing of high standard workmanship and design visualized both quality and value to bring products exceeds the expectation.



Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

Durably built for daily operation by applying the highest standard of quality control and punctilious circuit design, effectively enhances the lifecycle and prevents performance decrement from signal interferences after long term usage.

Conversion Coating Process

Multiple complex procedures to make quality and value visible, elegant design built with industrial stands of surface polishing, sand blasting and anodizing to strengthen the ability of aluminum material for resistance to oxidation and abrasion.

Welding Temperature Control

Precise management to welding temperatures, putting the chance of faulty welds next to nothing for relative yield rate to assure of reliable connections can be established for the signals.

Quality Control

All inspections are managed and fulfilled in details with the highest stands to all components and procedural assembly, assuring the best quality applies from the start to the end and keeps the expected value within.

Damp-Proof Process

Special procedures with industrial standards, improves the capability of resistance to humidity and vibrations for reducing the possibility of component oxidization or disconnection and causes signal failures or data loss.

Quality Assurance

Complete inspection to all final products, ensuring the best and reliable product can be delivered to users for the value deserved, and retaining the trust for the commitments of RAIDON.