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Q-I: What is the definition of Storage RAID modes?


A-I: Storage Mode Definitions:

-RAID 0 mode: Speed mode, the data is divided, and stored of dispersing on each hard disk at the same time, large volume storage with high speed throughput but without data protection feature.

-RAID 1 mode: Mirror mode, the data will be stored in each HDD at the same time, so the capacity will only be half of its total capacity but it’s with an excellent data protection feature.

-RAID 5 mode: Safe mode, requires at least three HDD,   the data is stored with distributed parity on each HDD,  it has enough memory capacity and also keep a good enough data protection feature.

-JBOD mode: Independent mode, each HDD is used independently with no data protection feature.


Q-II: If the LCM panel display "RAID-1 FAILED DOUBLE SOURCE" or "RAID-1 FAILED DOUBLE TARGET" error message, what should do to solve this problem?


A-II: First of all, please confirm that which HDD/SSD is Source Disk and Target Disk.

After that, please follow below steps to solve this issue:


Step 1. Turn off the product power, and put the HDD/SSD which data needs to be kept (Source Disk) into any slot of the product.


Step 2. Turn on the product power.


Step 3. Put the another HDD/SSD which data will be erased (Target Disk) into the another slot of the product.


Step 4. The product will begin to automate rebuilding.


Step 5. When the product rebuilding is finished, its status is   normal operational.


Note: The memory capacity of Target Disk must be larger than or equal to the Source Disk.




Applicable Models: GR3680-SB3/iR2623-S3/iR2622/SR2611-2S-S2R+/iR2022

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