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iR2022 RAID 0/1 storage for your DVR monitoring system, Surveillance Application.  








Let The DVR, NVR Device To Install and Use The iR2022 Easily.


Upgrade your system to RAID array storage through install the iR2022 to the standard 5.25”CD-ROM.This internal data storage solution can help you to solve the problem of of requiring larger storage volume but with limited space.


Take advantage of the durable HDD to install your DVR, NVR operating system and use two big capacity hard disks, and RAID 1 to protect the long-term data. You can even use the iR2022’s hot swapping feature to extract the 2.5”hard disk periodically and to save it in the data center, then to put in a new hard disk so the iR2022 can continuously perform instant backup.


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