iT2771-S3(1 floppy bay 2.5” Internal JBOD Module Storage)




A compact enclosure for two 2.5" HDDs/SSDs


An InTANK iT2771-S3 is a compact size like a 3.5" HDD product for two 2.5" SATA III HDD/SSD products.  You could use it for your tower/1U server, DVR, Mail Exchange Server, POS, …, etc. applications.  Its compact size fits into most of your systems which require the compact chassis.

Widely used in different needs


iT2771-S3 JBOD mode could use both of 2.5" HDD/SSD products and extensively use in various storage requirement:


- PC/Server, SOHO Workstation, MIS server and high rank business use PC.


- Industrial PC applications, like POS, DVR, and Workstation. 


- Mini-server products Video/Music editing applications.




Screwless Tray Design together with a Tray Lock


iT2771-S3 uses our screwless tray which provides an easy use Tray Lock to protect your data.  You could easily replace the defective HDD from its easy-to-use tray design even though you haven't  got any experience in doing that before.


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An Excellent Ventilation design


Overheat is one of the major problems to cause system failure, and causes a huge loss at the downtime period in the 24-hour full-automation production equipment.  Our iT2771-S3 has an excellent ventilation design to help dissipating the heat generated from two HDDs/SSDs efficiently and reduces the loss caused by system downtime.

iT2771-S3 is recommended being used in your CNC machinery to the huge IC production equipment.



Help Upgrading Your System with RAID features


iT2771-S3 provides JBOD feature and it lets you keep OS and DATA separately in two HDDs/SSDs.  And you could easily upgrade it with RAID feature from installing a RAID Adapter thru SATA cable.


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More iR2772-S3 Product information  >>>> 

iT2771-S3 2.5" drive support mSATA(or M.2) to SATA

iT2771's 2.5" drive can use mSATA(or M.2) to SATA adapter that convert Fast Speed mSATA or M.2 6Gbps SATA based SSD to Standard 7mm height 2.5 inch SATA Solid State Drive!

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iT2771 is an internal JBOD storage system and compatible 6Gbps drive designed in A Floppy Bay to satisfy the demands of SMB and industrial computing environment. With LED signal leaving you to easily grasp HDD status.

iT2771-S3 Product View

iT2771-S3 Specification

Model no. iT2771-S3
Interface SATA III 6.0 Gb/s
Support Hard Drive 2×2.5” SATA III 6.0Gb/s HDD/SSD
The Largest Capacity 2TB
Power Supply SATA 15pin (12v/5v)
LED Indicators Yes
Operating System Windows, Linux
Certification CE & FCC
Packing Content Quick Installation Guide,
Accessory Kit
Dimension 102(W)×26(H)×147(L) mm
Operating temperature 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Storage temperature -4° to 116° F (-20° to 47° C)
Relative humidity 5% to 95% noncondensing


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iT2771-S3 Question & Answer


iT2771-S3 HD Compatible List

Product Name BrandHD TypeHD CategoryModel NumberCapacity Note
iT2771-S3Toshiba2.5" HDD MK5055GSX500GB
iT2771-S3Toshiba2.5" HDD MQ01ABF050500GB
iT2771-S3Toshiba2.5" HDD MQ01ACF050500GB
iT2771-S3Toshiba2.5" HDD MK6459GSX640GB
iT2771-S3Toshiba2.5" HDD MQ01ABD1001TB
iT2771-S3Kingston2.5" SSD SHSS37A240GB
iT2771-S3Samsung2.5" SSD 850 Pro128GB
iT2771-S3WD2.5" SSD WDS500G1R0A500GB
iT2771-S3WD2.5" SSD WDS100T1R0A1TB
iT2771-S3WD2.5" SSD WDS200T1R0A2TB
iT2771-S3WD2.5" SSD WDS400T1R0A4TB
iT2771-S3Seagate2.5" SSDIronWolf 125ZA4000NM10002 4TB
iT2771-S3Seagate2.5" SSDIronWolf Pro 125ZA3840NX100013.84TB