Raidon Technology, Inc. announces internal RAID storage – iR2023, designed in one CD-ROM bay for 3×2.5″ 6Gb SATA SSD, comes with 3×9.5mm metal tray with lock and provides one disk array for RAID-1/0 and one independent volume.

Raidon Ir2023

iR2023 adopting 2+1 design, is made up of 2 RAID disk arrays support RAID-1/0 and an independent JBOD that has the separate SATA host interface. The JBOD disk can be used as SSD backup, can be used as removable storage for on the go data transport, and can be used as replacement HDD for rebuilding while another RAID disk is damaged. It has more functions on the data security, the instant backup and the data to go, it provides users more diversified applications, and suitable for the professional workstations, file servers and real time backup storage systems.

The iR2023 is built-in WM6182 chipset, and is equipped with LCD display and LED indicators for system monitoring. It also support RAID fail alarm function, fail LED signal and alarm buzzer on/off button, so that users can check the status of system all the times. It comes with the 2.5″ hot swappable metal drive tray 9.5mm with lock to secure the drive in place and to protect the data safely. It is equipped with the 4cm silent fan for heat dissipation and usage of HDDs extension.

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Raidon Ir2023 Front And Rear

iR2023 is the dual function storage, offering the backup data security and also for on the go data transport. It is a choice for an internal RAID storage.


  • Support JBOD (disk1) and RAID mode: 0/1 (disk2/disk3)

  • Support 2.5″ HDD/SSD and 3×2.5″ 9.5 mm metal tray with lock

  • RAID fail/temp fail alarm function

  • Support active LED/fail LED signal (JBOD only)

  • Support LCM display (RAID only)

  • Support alarm buzzer ON/OFF button

  • Hot swap and plug and play

  • RAID mode exchange to button

Raidon Ir2023 Spectabl

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